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Berkshire Veneers

A touch of old world class is more popular than ever before in the design world. Berkshire™ can inspire those historic design longings, while offering the durability and versatility that comes with all Indiana Limestone products.

Berkshire™ can be easily added to your natural and cast masonry product lines because it can be fabricated without the need for additional equipment. The split faced full color blend natural stone can be used as an accent piece for indoor or outdoor fireplaces, interior or exterior walls, or walkways.

Rockford Estates Veneers

Rockford Estate Blend® is a split and tumbled product that is available in full bed and sawn thin veneer. It contains the full color range and displays the sense of permanence found only in natural stone.

Estate Veneer Series by Indiana Limestone Rockford Estate Blend® veneers offer a robust option for your design vision, whether it be homes, offices, buildings, fireplaces, chimneys, landscapes, or other architectural projects. They are very versatile and are becoming a high-demand by those who desire the finest building materials.

Vanderbilt Classic Veneers

Vanderbilt Classic® is a sawn veneer of genuine Indiana Limestone. The strong, clean look of real limestone is ideal for your commercial and fine residential designs. It is available as both a full bed and thin veneer.

Our Vanderbilt Classic®  veneers are very versatile and have been used for the construction of homes, offices, buildings, fireplaces, chimneys, landscapes, or any other architectural building project that demands the finest building materials. Indiana Limestone Vanderbilt Classic®  veneers bring the timeless beauty, distinction, and lasting value of natural stone to your project.